Legal, patrimonial and tax assistance

Agence 442 considers the players’ serenity as their priority.  Thus, the Agency offers a wide panel of counseling services as regards to the players’ “business” issues:

-       Legal: The founders and members of the Agency all have law degrees and spent most of their career working in law firms. Their scope includes corporate, commercial and contract law, as well as regulations specifically applicable to the professional sports industry. They assist players in everything from negotiating terms and conditions of contract, to resolving litigations with professional clubs and public authorities.

-       Tax: The Agency relies on tax lawyers and councils within their network to handle all the players’ tax issues. Such assistance is adapted to professional football players’ specific tax regulations. The Agency also offers custom counseling when a player’s situation changes (new marital status, move abroad, …).

-       Patrimonial: The Agency’s network includes several companies specialized in patrimonial assets. With the players’ consent, the Agency coordinates with these companies in order to choose the most adapted financial solution (investment, real estate, …) and thus secure the players’ situations and prepare the end of their careers.

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